Sexual Ecstasy~Taste

It was so delicious. I needed to delay the absence of it in my mouth.  To roll it around on the tongue.  To edge on the tasting and swallowing.  To savor and stew in the flavors of it.  A taste so divine, so perfectly harmonious in ingredients, it seemed otherworldly.  
The sense of taste is a powerfully erotic addition to your sexual fulfillment. An unforgettable evening of culinary excellence can set the perfect tone for a long night of great sex.  However, as we all know, there are so many tastes to experience that create a sexual craving.  We can talk of aphrodisiacs.  Certain foods will most definitely move you from a need to an all out ache.  Or we can talk of the taste of a kiss.  The way they taste as you lick and bite and tease.  Do you crave the taste of their skin?  The differences in the tastes of her neck, her lips, her thighs…do you know these differences??  Do you revel in each of them?  

And what about that one taste on every man’s mind?  Everyone has their own distinct taste.  I know I have been said to taste very good.  But I haven’t ever heard a man say a woman tasted disgusting.  That’s right. I refer to her pussy.  Do you love how she tastes?  Does it please you to let her ooze into your mouth and give you of herself?  Better yet, the knowing that you have made her do it.  That you caused this sensation and explosion of taste in your mouth?  And when after you taste her, do you crave her as soon as she has left your mouth?  You think of her and the taste comes back as if on cue of a ready longing and anticipation.  Ah, yes…the power of taste. 

What of the women?  Ladies, which part of him do you crave?  He tastes of man. Rustic, dangerous, primal, earthy, beastly tastes that urge you on to keep tasting, keep exploring every last inch of him. A maelstrom of flavors to guide your tongue all the way from his mouth, down his neck. The descent from his chest to what he has for you. The differences in the taste of his balls and when his wet cock is in your mouth. And his cum…to play with it in your mouth, lick it off your hands, edging that line of tasting and swallowing before you finally allow it to run down your throat while he pleasantly watches.  (And guys, if she doesn’t do this…could be the bitterness of it due to your diet.  Read my post on this and then go get some pineapple.)  

Sensual deprivation is the depriving of one sense in order to enhance another.  Remember the scene from the movie 9 1/2 weeks?  The blindfold only served to heighten her other senses, especially the sense he had decided to focus on. That being taste.  If you notice, the crack of the egg was weirdly louder than it should have been.  And her taste buds were ultra sensitive.  Even her mind was deeply anticipating his every move and she leaned in to hear every little sound.  This is a beautiful way to explore the sense of taste in the bedroom….or kitchen…😉

As you drink your wine, ladies, pour it on your breasts and let it trickle down your stomach, then down between your legs.  He will love the taste of you mingled with the red wine. Spray whipped cream on every area you want him to savor and then wait, lying on the bed before he gets home.  
Guys, pour honey in her mouth and watch it dribble down her chin. Cover her in chocolate and feast. She is your appetizer, your entrée, and your dessert.  Hell, take your time and have 2 desserts.  

Explore and savor in the various flavors of one another.  Be aware of how you can incorporate this sense into your foreplay and into the bedroom. Take her into a world she knows not.  Taste each other and delight in the moment. 

Taste is a powerful force that leaves you craving for more.  




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