She Doesn’t Know She’s Beautiful

Sure, she may exude confidence.  She may strut and sway.  She may even laugh off other’s criticism as if it never hurts her…simply water off a duck’s back.  

But she doesn’t know

Her smile is sweet and alluring.  Her laugh is quicksand to your heart.  Her eyes may tell the true story, yet you barely get close enough to see.  At times she knows she needs it.  But pushing herself to be above this, she refuses to give it credence. Shoulders back and head up, her strength to go on in spite of, is a testament to her sex.  Yet ache it must and ache it does.

Because she doesn’t know

She keeps you busy with her actions, kindness exuding from her very being.  This way you will never know and never see.  Yet, at the same time, in that light she shines for others is a darkness in her, contained.  A suffocating silence if you don’t tell her.  A great ache if she isn’t shown.  She goes on in silent fortitude with all others never knowing, all others none the wiser.

All because she doesn’t know.

You have to tell her of what she has longed to know.  You have to show her of what she has never seen.  Don’t stop with once, or twice, or even thrice.  You must convince her to the moon and back….because she needs to know

She is Beautiful. 💕

Beautiful beyond description.  Beautiful to her core.  Beautiful in chaos and imperfection.  Beautiful as she is right now.  




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