And It Returns…

Like a persistent fool, it returns.  For what?  Does it think for a moment you will relent?  Again and again it comes back to haunt and to poke and to prod.  As if you would consent…  Because what if you did?  What then?  How would your acquiescence adorn you?  From here, it looks as if you will not wear it well.  An ugliness is all you can see.  Like a vice, it seems to seek only to entrap you in a bitter struggle to the death.  
We all ache. Maybe yours has been ignored for far too long that it is minding itself in the quiet recesses of your heart.  That place of darkness that houses the broken promises, deep intimate desires, hopes lost, times wasted, and the ache that used to remind you that you live.  That ache, we all have, though bound and gagged it may be.  The ache that used to be more real than your heartbeat.  The ache that your delusional self thought possible.  You have learned now, though.  You have trained its de-evolution quite well and have attained its submission.  It is now a dulled and forgotten wish amongst the others.  It knows its place well now and rarely attempts to surface. 

Ah, but how are you now?  Settled?  At peace?  Content to go on each day as if it were an adventure?  Relegated to your own cute and dainty spot on society’s moral pew?  Wonderfully sedated by the blue pill?  

Oppressed and suppressed by your own fear, you shirk under this pressure to stay in world filled with complacency and resignation.  Destroyed slowly by the steady series of breakings, your trust has now become full blown distrust. And this determined distrust is your aide and best friend in a cold world of monotony and delusion.  That ache is a heavy burden to bear and you cannot bear it anymore.  It refused to back down and you had to decide.  So decide, you did.  And now you worry not for things that could be, but exist only on that which you have convinced yourself will only ever be.  

But what if you could grant this ache its demand?  What if you could find what it is that would fill you with a pleasure that satiated said ache?  Is life worth living if it consists solely on survival?  On pacification?  On conformance and a sad hiding from truth?  

What is your ache?  What is it that you have settled for that disallows the chase of your heart into adventure?  What holds the key to these dark places that we hold so dear, yet so far from anything we allow others to see?  What is that which you have denied yourself for too long? Is it a business venture?  An art form?  A sexual side?  Whatever it may be, it is you.  The part of you that all should celebrate, yet too few actually care.  

If you have quieted your ache, let it speak.  If you have ignored it, stop and listen again.  Don’t you know that I have, too?  We all have.  Some rise above their fears and attain a place of true living.  Some refuse to allow their resignation to a life of anything less than grandiose fulfillment. Some have the strength to break in order to eventually heal and rebuild.  Let’s take their lead and follow the ache to new places we know we were meant to be.  Because the only other option is a bitter regret for what could have been and never was. 

Whatever your ache is…

It is there to show you your purpose, your real life, your heart.  Refuse the fear of failure and step out.  Don’t allow what others have done to you to silence your ache.  Don’t hide it away to only discover it again when it is too late.  Don’t settle for a life that serves merely to remind you daily what you are missing.  Stop your futile attempts at trying to live while you deny the only reason TO live.  For without passion for one’s heart cry, we all cease to be human and to know true humanity’s reason to live.  

Find your ache again. 

And this time, pursue its fulfillment until you reach that which will allow you to breathe again.  And in this ache, in this ache alone, will you truly find what it is to live.  



Sexual Ecstasy~Taste

It was so delicious. I needed to delay the absence of it in my mouth.  To roll it around on the tongue.  To edge on the tasting and swallowing.  To savor and stew in the flavors of it.  A taste so divine, so perfectly harmonious in ingredients, it seemed otherworldly.  
The sense of taste is a powerfully erotic addition to your sexual fulfillment. An unforgettable evening of culinary excellence can set the perfect tone for a long night of great sex.  However, as we all know, there are so many tastes to experience that create a sexual craving.  We can talk of aphrodisiacs.  Certain foods will most definitely move you from a need to an all out ache.  Or we can talk of the taste of a kiss.  The way they taste as you lick and bite and tease.  Do you crave the taste of their skin?  The differences in the tastes of her neck, her lips, her thighs…do you know these differences??  Do you revel in each of them?  

And what about that one taste on every man’s mind?  Everyone has their own distinct taste.  I know I have been said to taste very good.  But I haven’t ever heard a man say a woman tasted disgusting.  That’s right. I refer to her pussy.  Do you love how she tastes?  Does it please you to let her ooze into your mouth and give you of herself?  Better yet, the knowing that you have made her do it.  That you caused this sensation and explosion of taste in your mouth?  And when after you taste her, do you crave her as soon as she has left your mouth?  You think of her and the taste comes back as if on cue of a ready longing and anticipation.  Ah, yes…the power of taste. 

What of the women?  Ladies, which part of him do you crave?  He tastes of man. Rustic, dangerous, primal, earthy, beastly tastes that urge you on to keep tasting, keep exploring every last inch of him. A maelstrom of flavors to guide your tongue all the way from his mouth, down his neck. The descent from his chest to what he has for you. The differences in the taste of his balls and when his wet cock is in your mouth. And his cum…to play with it in your mouth, lick it off your hands, edging that line of tasting and swallowing before you finally allow it to run down your throat while he pleasantly watches.  (And guys, if she doesn’t do this…could be the bitterness of it due to your diet.  Read my post on this and then go get some pineapple.)  

Sensual deprivation is the depriving of one sense in order to enhance another.  Remember the scene from the movie 9 1/2 weeks?  The blindfold only served to heighten her other senses, especially the sense he had decided to focus on. That being taste.  If you notice, the crack of the egg was weirdly louder than it should have been.  And her taste buds were ultra sensitive.  Even her mind was deeply anticipating his every move and she leaned in to hear every little sound.  This is a beautiful way to explore the sense of taste in the bedroom….or kitchen…😉

As you drink your wine, ladies, pour it on your breasts and let it trickle down your stomach, then down between your legs.  He will love the taste of you mingled with the red wine. Spray whipped cream on every area you want him to savor and then wait, lying on the bed before he gets home.  
Guys, pour honey in her mouth and watch it dribble down her chin. Cover her in chocolate and feast. She is your appetizer, your entrée, and your dessert.  Hell, take your time and have 2 desserts.  

Explore and savor in the various flavors of one another.  Be aware of how you can incorporate this sense into your foreplay and into the bedroom. Take her into a world she knows not.  Taste each other and delight in the moment. 

Taste is a powerful force that leaves you craving for more.  



One Night Stand

Throw your clothes on, then grab your coat and out the door.  No breakfast made, no lying naked together, no morning kisses.  It was great sex, yet you almost immediately realize the fleeting satisfaction it brought. When was it?  Last night?  This morning?  Now, as you are rushing out the door?  When did it dawn on you that you needed more?  Like a drug, an addiction, the crave re-emerged almost immediately after. Shouldn’t this high last longer?  Why do you feel so empty so soon?
It is there.  That need for connection.  It is in all of us.  You may chase tail, but in reality you are subconsciously looking for a soul.  That which satisfies a longing for more than a one night stand.  You need more.  Those nights may fulfill for a moment or two. They may release the pent up sexual frustration.  But they will never fully satiate your craving.  You are human and need real touch. Not a superficial, skin on skin, cold and unattached episode that never gets deeper than a few moans.  It never permeates your being, making you forget who and where you are.  A one night stand doesn’t last past the few minutes it takes to remember.  It doesn’t repeat itself in feelings and emotions that mimic the night as if you were there again.  You might remember it…but as a distant memory, not a defining and lost in time, reverberating part of your life.

Sure, she may go deep on you and even gag…but a woman who actually feels you…who sees you…will do anything and everything to show you her heart and please you during sex.  Now doesn’t that sound better?  A woman who has had her soul touched will do anything for you.  I am talking real passion, true moaning, gag welcoming, mascara running, swallowing all, type of pleasing you.   

Male or female, we are all searching for this.  We are in desperate need of this connection.  And sex is the microcosm of this connection.  Sex is not the end of the search, but the by-product of a togetherness that is an inherent pull we all either hide or embrace.  We are made to need this contact.  A deeper touch that goes beyond just fucking.  

Maybe you were hurt and now merely survive by cumming in the presence of a stranger.  You now hide and repress the need for more.  Or maybe you do embrace it and search without ever finding.  So now you resort to the absence of it and settle for less.  

Stop running from it.  Stop settling.  You need this.  You will never be fulfilled by anything less.  Your heart cries for more and you know it.  
The sex will be the fruit of this connection.  It will show itself in passionate display of more than a quick fuck. More than body on body.  More than sweat and orgasms. Sex should begin way before you even physically touch.  It should begin in a connection and the intimacy will naturally flow and play itself out in a mind-blowing culmination of all that had led up to that moment.  There will be a definite difference in losing yourself in that person and in that powerful moment versus a temporary fix.  An orgasm can be completely unfulfilling if with the wrong person. It will last but a moment and leave you wanting. 

So either continue to lie to yourself and look for temporary fixes or admit your need and find your more. But don’t just search for sex per se.  Sex by itself will not satisfy you.  It may satisfy your body, but alone, it will never touch your soul.  




She goes on as if nothing is different.  Each day is a new day, but not to her.  To her, the days run together as if in a blur of time spent without consent.  Who could stop it now?  Everyone is so close. How can they be so close, yet never see her?  Do they want to see?  She lost sense of everything.  Was it all in one fell swoop or a series of events?  Her heart cries to be seen…just once.  Yet lost in a chaos of hopelessness, she doesn’t dare let down its guard.  One more time that hope is deferred, would be her bitter end.  For her shoulders hold past their capable weight as of now.  She knows to tow the line and say the words and smile through the pain.  
But someday, someone will see her.  

He can’t seem to put it down.  His struggle has become his identity.  He sees it, feels its twitch of control, hears it as if a lifesong playing without an end.  Will he ever be able to live without it?  Get up and know joy?  Open a door and lay the struggles down?  Close it and move on?  Is there light where there was only darkness before?  He knows his is a coping mechanism inherent in his life from too far back to remember.  He lives to drink.  He knows beyond that…there is dealing with what has happened.  If he puts it down, what must he pick up?  He knows he can’t ever let that happen.  

But someday, he must take pride in himself again.  

She sits alone, again.  Well, not alone in the technical sense.  Alone as emotionally unfulfilled and yearning for someone…while with someone.  She needs so many unspoken things.  Will she ever feel again?  God knows, she shut off her heart, hoping that she would grow numb and nothing would matter anymore.  To feel was to hurt.  So not to feel was bliss.  Could she get up and do this again tomorrow?  Sure. Is that what strength looks like?  Survival?  When does that run out?  Longing still, always, her heart betrays her again.  The ache is too much to bear.  Will she ever not be lonely?  She knows hers is a sentence she must live out.

But someday, her heart will find fulfillment again.

He drags his other leg off the bar stool and wonders why.  Was he not enough?  Was his attempts at loving her of no comparison?  He tried.  He gave her everything he had.  He knew he wasn’t perfect, but he did what he could to please her.  What went wrong?  And why?  When did she decide she didn’t want him?  He knows he can’t get the answers.  But he couldn’t help ask the questions.  His heart would heal in time.  He hoped.  He missed her.  He didn’t want a life without her.  Why was his love not good enough?  Why doesn’t she love him?  Did she ever?  He knows he cannot cope with her gone. He will let anger take over now.  And he will never love again.  Only invest in lust and sex. Never love…never again.  

But someday, he will find her and let himself love again.

Someday…I promise…someday.



Sexual Ecstasy~Sound

Silence.  No breathing or rustling of clothing.  Nothing…just your steadily increasing heartbeat as you strain to hear something, anything.  Desperate to hear because you can’t see.  Blindfolded with arms and legs tied, you quickly learn to listen.  What is he doing?  Where has he gone?  The sound of your own blood pumping is so loud as you try to quiet the questions and confusion in your mind.  Wait, footsteps…faint, but they must be his.  Suddenly you hear the door open and your heart jumps up into your throat.  It’s him…you know it.  His slow and purposeful walk is evident.  He is carrying something, brushing against his pants. You can hear his steady and controlled breathing as he stops right in front you.  The purpose in this silent moment of utter anguish is quite clear: He will do what he wants with you.  Now it feels as if you cannot breathe. Scared and yet so deliciously wet, you dare not to breathe…as if it would mean his punishment.  Suddenly the intensity skyrockets, as he slowly removes his belt and the mere sound of it annihilates your every inhibition.  For it brings an ache so real and utterly divine.  A longing for him so primal, so strong.  

This is the power of seduction by sound.  It is a raw and aching need that is awakened by hearing certain, very specific sounds.  They each have a connection to our core needs.  Each core need will have a sensual connection of one or several senses.  For instance, the sound of the belt will produce different things for different people. As a bratty submissive that enjoys some masochism, it releases a deep need in me to be punished for being naughty.  A real need to have pain mixed with pleasure.  

I love sensual stimulation; I am a very sensual person and need sound.  I believe we are all that way and we need to do what we can to make sure to add this element to our sex life.  Sound matters.  Whether it is a door shutting to signal control and the finality of what is about to occur or a zipper to release sexual anticipation.  I love the manly, guttural sound of a Harley when it is really deep and loud.  Just the sound of it feels like rough sex.  It always makes me look.  Similar to when I wear heels, it is a womanly sound and before he sees anything it will make a man’s head involuntarily turn to look.  Leather has a very unique sound as well and so very sexy.  I adore riding because of all senses coming alive while you are on that horse.  Sliding your foot in the stirrups, the sounds of the leather saddle creaking and stretching underneath you and the clip-clop of the hooves on the ground.  

I also love the noises a man will make as you please him sexually.  (Granted, they must still be manly.)  Slapping is a very skin-on-skin, controlling and punishing sound that will set a sadist’s blood pumping.  If you want me to immediately start to strip…put a little Marvin Gaye or Lenny Kravitz on…something about them and a few others have a soul about them that makes me need to touch my own skin, whip the hair and lose clothing…okay, gettin’ hot in here…let’s move on.

Rain.  It is such a peaceful, relaxed type of sexy.  Like a fireplace is mesmerizingly sensual in sound, sight, and smell…rain is the same.  It makes you instantly need to grab someone and lie under the covers for hours touching and just being together.  

There are so many sounds that will not only enhance, but define and fulfill your sex life.  Foreplay is so important to make sure the actual sex is epic instead of tolerable.  You can incorporate the sense of sound very easily to your day and ensure a state of arousal which creates all day foreplay.  Do these things and add sound effects to your sex life.   If it is raining, open a window and have slow, romantic sex.  Guys, put on a soulful song, tell her she is beautiful, and encourage her to dance just for you.  Wear a leather belt to work and use it on her later.  (Don’t forget your watch…)  Take her horseback riding and watch her straddle the fuck out of that beast.  Buy a Harley.  Blindfold her and watch her squirm to hear you.

Ladies, buy a pair of heels and watch the reaction to merely the sound of them.  Send him a sexy message with no pictures…just your voice…your very naughty voice…or the sound of how wet you are.  👈He’ll leave work for that shit.  And be sure to make lots of feminine sounds during sex: whimpers, moans, sexy taunting, etc.  And don’t forget to always make sure he hears how wet and sloppy the blowjob is.  Even when he is not looking at you, he should be able to hear how wet it is and how much you like it.  
And no talk, zero talk (do you hear me??) of the need to be quiet on account of other people or children.  No.  Your family, friends and children know about sex…okay?  They all know you do it.  Maybe they don’t want to hear you, but isn’t it better that they know you have a good sex life rather than complete silence signaling a very boring sex life?  Who cares what others think?!  Be fun and adventurous and let them all hear what an epic sex life can be.  They will want it, too.  

Be bold and add the sensual stimulation that sound creates.  Do crazy and fun things to fulfill yourself and your partner, in and out of the bedroom.  



Sensual Ecstasy~Sight

See, hear, smell, taste, and touch. 

All five senses should be fully engaged during sex and throughout the day.  Some of you may experience one or a few of these, but you must learn to incorporate all five as much as is possible.  Why is this important?  We are sensual creatures.  We have a propensity towards any triggering of any one of the senses. Each of these is a realm of awakening that can be attained if there is an awareness of the need for it, and the information on how to include and implement them.  Your orgasm alone is not enough.  Sex can be so much more fulfilling if you have taken an erotic, sensual journey to get there.  How much more does an orgasm satisfy you internally if there are core needs fulfilled along the way?  Yes, we can reach an orgasm via the vanilla way.  We can hurry and miss the ecstasy that sensual fulfillment can bring.  Or we can slow down and plan the experience ahead of time, ensuring the sensual needs are sated to the utmost degree.  A sensual satiation will deeply suffice.  Whereas merely cumming will leave you dissatisfied almost immediately afterwards.  To this I advise a rediscovery of what it is that makes us sensual creatures at our core.  

We will start with the sense of sight. 

 This is imperative, yet not more so than another.  To engage this sense, we must determine what our partner needs to see.  By ‘needs’, I refer to their core.  What seemingly minute quirks do they enjoy?  For instance, the sight of a formal watch on a man triggers something psychological in me.  This coupled with a suit or shirt and tie will arouse me to my core.  This may seem insignificant, but I assure you, it is not.  There are many tiny details that make us who we are and define our sexual patterns.  These are what you have to determine.  Find these things that make your partner tick.  It will be a variety of sights. 

A man can floor a woman with his boyishly charming smile or the gleam in his eye when he looks at her.  I, also, love the sight of a large chest and arms on a man.  When he wears a manly pair of jeans that hug his ass and you can see the muscles through his shirt.  Not chiseled abs, but a manly, meaty, strong man.  Droplets of sweat dripping down his neck and chest after extensive physical labor…preferably wielding an axe.  (See: The Lumberjack Fantasy).  The sight of men in physical combat is also temptingly sexual for me, probably due to my attraction to alphas.  The exercising of control in the workplace is highly exciting for me and is about seeing dominance.  For each woman, it will be a bit different, as it will be with the men. 

 Some of the things that stir us will be seemingly nonsexual, however they will lead us to a primal desire for intimacy.  When a man has a fatherly nature, plays with his children and is protective. If he fixes the car or carries all the groceries.  These are all going to stir a woman to her core.  

For a man, there are many sight-related arousals to get into.  (I smile when I say that.)  Men, you are very visual, as well.  And I believe that is a good thing.  We, as women, can raise a shoulder, tilt our chin down, look up demurely and bat an eyelash…done.  Then let one strap gently slide off the shoulder.  At that point, you, as men, don’t have a chance in hell.  It is our irresistibly seductive, feminine wiles at work.  And don’t act like you don’t love it.  We can cook naked, leave panties off for the day, spread a little gloss on the lips, read a book wearing just his shirt, etc.  For some men, it will be a woman in a baseball cap, for others it will be when she wears an apron, or thigh highs and heels.  It is seemingly small things we don’t always consider, that make a big difference.  It can be easy to get into a monotonous daily pattern where we tend to forget about the details of real life and its greatest pleasures. 

There are also many things unrelated to his/her person that can be stirring.  For me, even the female body will arouse.  I think women are strong and beautiful, which is titillating.  What about if you’re walking in a beautiful spot with the sun streaming through the trees?  Or a romantic walk along the beach?  It makes me want to explore that moment intimately.  Small town bars and even those sexy restrooms where there is an attendant will arouse me.  (But I have a hankering for sex in public places…)  

Leading up to sex, many things should have already occurred to be the foreplay. During sex, there are several sights to incorporate and enhance the experience.  For instance, I like the ambiance of a room with low lighting and candles, a four poster bed (for the bondage, of course), and a thunderous look in his eye.  There are ways to set up a scene or fantasy that will satisfy each other.  Maybe he likes the naughty school girl look, so you dress the part and buy him a paddle.  Maybe she wants a very sexy fireman to make her squirt from her deep spot.  But both have to give and take.  

The need for us as individuals and couples to introspect and find our predominant sexual cravings is of the greatest importance to keeping a healthy relationship.  They are fundamentally true and will never relent. To repress our own needs will lead to greater issues.  And to ignore your partner’s sensual needs will result in either a parting or a suppression that leads to bitterness.  This is about the discovery and service of each other, resulting in a rhythmic cadence of fulfillment. 

To prey upon the thirsty yearnings of the eye, which stirs your partner at their core, will lead to an intensely erotic, passionately driven, and healthy sex life. 

To see is not even with the eyes, per se.  All of what we see is determined on how we see.  And how we see is what makes us each unique.  ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ and we each have a beauty all our own.  



Ode To Velvet Hattrick

Yes, ode to these nights.  Nights of blissful ecstasy filling each and every hole.  Dark and dirty, sensual and sexy, wet and wild.  These are the titillating nights of arousal that we, as nymphomaniacs, revel in.  Gone are those pansy evenings that pale in comparison.  Oh, to have experienced the raw and primal need of a fullness unsatisfied outside of the Velvet Hattrick.  Then to have tasted the sweat from its lustful and stormy passion on a dark and stimulating night of this sexual fantasy.  Those of us who have felt this sexual urge to those who have participated, recommend a rendezvous with your lover this evening.  For to please oneself is ultimately found in the pleasure of your lover and is to know true intimacy.  Without satisfying whom you have chosen, you cannot actually have a true relationship.  And their fantasies become your fantasies in a deeply passionate, soul meets soul collision.
It goes without saying that your man will deeply appreciate this from you, as a woman.  For his need to own and his primal urge to receive from you and take will both be satisfied in a night like these.  These are those that he will remember forever.  These nights you can give to him, surrender to him and be filled to the fullest in your own desire to be his completely.  

Velvet Hattrick is about ownership and dominance, surrender and trust.  It is about the desire to leave nothing untouched, nothing wasted, nothing virgin, and nothing left orphaned.  All is taken and all is filled; all is protected and all is held dear.  A yielding to entrust him with every part of you. With this comes a security, a knowledge that no longer is a part missing or unprotected.  Not to be diminished, this is a soulical act and if truly given by a woman, for to take should only be gifted by the giver, then both will be pleasured and both will be filled. 

A night to remember, this is la crème de la crème of erotica.
 For a woman, to offer all of yourself to your lover, holding nothing back, nothing is left and nothing is alone. All of who you are and all of what you can give, is laid at his feet in love.  And for a man, to take up all of what is yours, to receive her in a passionate act, to hold dear what she has given and never take for granted that which she has surrendered.

Yes, the alluring and racy Velvet Hattrick, the ultimately sexy, three-course penetration.  An ardent and fiercely erotic night where every hole is breathtakingly filled and intensely devoured.  Orally, vaginally, and anally.  La crème de la crème…c’est magnifique.