One Night Stand

Throw your clothes on, then grab your coat and out the door.  No breakfast made, no lying naked together, no morning kisses.  It was great sex, yet you almost immediately realize the fleeting satisfaction it brought. When was it?  Last night?  This morning?  Now, as you are rushing out the door?  When did it dawn on you that you needed more?  Like a drug, an addiction, the crave re-emerged almost immediately after. Shouldn’t this high last longer?  Why do you feel so empty so soon?
It is there.  That need for connection.  It is in all of us.  You may chase tail, but in reality you are subconsciously looking for a soul.  That which satisfies a longing for more than a one night stand.  You need more.  Those nights may fulfill for a moment or two. They may release the pent up sexual frustration.  But they will never fully satiate your craving.  You are human and need real touch. Not a superficial, skin on skin, cold and unattached episode that never gets deeper than a few moans.  It never permeates your being, making you forget who and where you are.  A one night stand doesn’t last past the few minutes it takes to remember.  It doesn’t repeat itself in feelings and emotions that mimic the night as if you were there again.  You might remember it…but as a distant memory, not a defining and lost in time, reverberating part of your life.

Sure, she may go deep on you and even gag…but a woman who actually feels you…who sees you…will do anything and everything to show you her heart and please you during sex.  Now doesn’t that sound better?  A woman who has had her soul touched will do anything for you.  I am talking real passion, true moaning, gag welcoming, mascara running, swallowing all, type of pleasing you.   

Male or female, we are all searching for this.  We are in desperate need of this connection.  And sex is the microcosm of this connection.  Sex is not the end of the search, but the by-product of a togetherness that is an inherent pull we all either hide or embrace.  We are made to need this contact.  A deeper touch that goes beyond just fucking.  

Maybe you were hurt and now merely survive by cumming in the presence of a stranger.  You now hide and repress the need for more.  Or maybe you do embrace it and search without ever finding.  So now you resort to the absence of it and settle for less.  

Stop running from it.  Stop settling.  You need this.  You will never be fulfilled by anything less.  Your heart cries for more and you know it.  
The sex will be the fruit of this connection.  It will show itself in passionate display of more than a quick fuck. More than body on body.  More than sweat and orgasms. Sex should begin way before you even physically touch.  It should begin in a connection and the intimacy will naturally flow and play itself out in a mind-blowing culmination of all that had led up to that moment.  There will be a definite difference in losing yourself in that person and in that powerful moment versus a temporary fix.  An orgasm can be completely unfulfilling if with the wrong person. It will last but a moment and leave you wanting. 

So either continue to lie to yourself and look for temporary fixes or admit your need and find your more. But don’t just search for sex per se.  Sex by itself will not satisfy you.  It may satisfy your body, but alone, it will never touch your soul.  




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