About The Writing Geniuses

She is in her mid thirties and He is in his mid forties.  We are dedicated to sharing what we know from experience with you and hope it is fun, sexy, helpful, and stirs you to love and change.


I am a passionate lover, cook, birder, baker, gardener, and self-appointed writer.

I love old movies and rainy days, the smell of old books, cleaning my house while candles are going and roast in the oven, the feel of cold grass under my feet, picnics, the smell of tomato plants, a good Chianti and Louis Armstrong while I cook Italian, a garden well kept & weed-free, the greatest generation, retro everything, old wooden chairs, daisies & lilacs & wild roses, hiking, sex that lasts till the wee hours of the morning, the smell of a good cigar, horses, the crackling charm of a vinyl record, old-school values, long conversations over a fine cup of coffee, homemade bread, new baby smell, and children’s laughter.

I believe there are essentials lacking in our present day generation. A balance of the best from the old & the new:…aprons & kitchen-aid mixers…dinner at the table & Chinese takeout on the couch…family game night & movie night with popcorn…strolls at sunset & motorcycle rides in the country…

I’m retro…but I’m Gen-X…