Sexual Ecstasy~Sound

Silence.  No breathing or rustling of clothing.  Nothing…just your steadily increasing heartbeat as you strain to hear something, anything.  Desperate to hear because you can’t see.  Blindfolded with arms and legs tied, you quickly learn to listen.  What is he doing?  Where has he gone?  The sound of your own blood pumping is so loud as you try to quiet the questions and confusion in your mind.  Wait, footsteps…faint, but they must be his.  Suddenly you hear the door open and your heart jumps up into your throat.  It’s him…you know it.  His slow and purposeful walk is evident.  He is carrying something, brushing against his pants. You can hear his steady and controlled breathing as he stops right in front you.  The purpose in this silent moment of utter anguish is quite clear: He will do what he wants with you.  Now it feels as if you cannot breathe. Scared and yet so deliciously wet, you dare not to breathe…as if it would mean his punishment.  Suddenly the intensity skyrockets, as he slowly removes his belt and the mere sound of it annihilates your every inhibition.  For it brings an ache so real and utterly divine.  A longing for him so primal, so strong.  

This is the power of seduction by sound.  It is a raw and aching need that is awakened by hearing certain, very specific sounds.  They each have a connection to our core needs.  Each core need will have a sensual connection of one or several senses.  For instance, the sound of the belt will produce different things for different people. As a bratty submissive that enjoys some masochism, it releases a deep need in me to be punished for being naughty.  A real need to have pain mixed with pleasure.  

I love sensual stimulation; I am a very sensual person and need sound.  I believe we are all that way and we need to do what we can to make sure to add this element to our sex life.  Sound matters.  Whether it is a door shutting to signal control and the finality of what is about to occur or a zipper to release sexual anticipation.  I love the manly, guttural sound of a Harley when it is really deep and loud.  Just the sound of it feels like rough sex.  It always makes me look.  Similar to when I wear heels, it is a womanly sound and before he sees anything it will make a man’s head involuntarily turn to look.  Leather has a very unique sound as well and so very sexy.  I adore riding because of all senses coming alive while you are on that horse.  Sliding your foot in the stirrups, the sounds of the leather saddle creaking and stretching underneath you and the clip-clop of the hooves on the ground.  

I also love the noises a man will make as you please him sexually.  (Granted, they must still be manly.)  Slapping is a very skin-on-skin, controlling and punishing sound that will set a sadist’s blood pumping.  If you want me to immediately start to strip…put a little Marvin Gaye or Lenny Kravitz on…something about them and a few others have a soul about them that makes me need to touch my own skin, whip the hair and lose clothing…okay, gettin’ hot in here…let’s move on.

Rain.  It is such a peaceful, relaxed type of sexy.  Like a fireplace is mesmerizingly sensual in sound, sight, and smell…rain is the same.  It makes you instantly need to grab someone and lie under the covers for hours touching and just being together.  

There are so many sounds that will not only enhance, but define and fulfill your sex life.  Foreplay is so important to make sure the actual sex is epic instead of tolerable.  You can incorporate the sense of sound very easily to your day and ensure a state of arousal which creates all day foreplay.  Do these things and add sound effects to your sex life.   If it is raining, open a window and have slow, romantic sex.  Guys, put on a soulful song, tell her she is beautiful, and encourage her to dance just for you.  Wear a leather belt to work and use it on her later.  (Don’t forget your watch…)  Take her horseback riding and watch her straddle the fuck out of that beast.  Buy a Harley.  Blindfold her and watch her squirm to hear you.

Ladies, buy a pair of heels and watch the reaction to merely the sound of them.  Send him a sexy message with no pictures…just your voice…your very naughty voice…or the sound of how wet you are.  👈He’ll leave work for that shit.  And be sure to make lots of feminine sounds during sex: whimpers, moans, sexy taunting, etc.  And don’t forget to always make sure he hears how wet and sloppy the blowjob is.  Even when he is not looking at you, he should be able to hear how wet it is and how much you like it.  
And no talk, zero talk (do you hear me??) of the need to be quiet on account of other people or children.  No.  Your family, friends and children know about sex…okay?  They all know you do it.  Maybe they don’t want to hear you, but isn’t it better that they know you have a good sex life rather than complete silence signaling a very boring sex life?  Who cares what others think?!  Be fun and adventurous and let them all hear what an epic sex life can be.  They will want it, too.  

Be bold and add the sensual stimulation that sound creates.  Do crazy and fun things to fulfill yourself and your partner, in and out of the bedroom.  




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