Secrets To Creamy And Delicious Mashed Potatoes 

I love potatoes….

Baked, mashed, fried, but not raw…yes, I said raw.  That would be my husband.  I’ll be in the kitchen peeling potatoes and the next thing I know he grabs a potato and salts it and then he’s chompin’ down.  Weird, right??  (I think it’s because he’s a crazy Irishman…)

But this is not about raw potatoes, is it?  And it’s certainly not about crazy Irishmen!  Thank God!

This is about the best form of potatoes, bar none….MASHED.  So, here are my secrets to make those spuds really shine!  But don’t tell anyone, these are just for you.😘

My Secrets for Delicious Mashed Potatoes:

1)  Boil those little guys in chicken broth!  Yep, it adds a ton of flavor without taking away that yummy potato taste.

2)  Use heavy cream instead of boring milk.   Adds rich flavor and velvety texture that is so good!  And/or you can add either a couple dollops of sour cream or cream cheese for a smooth, rich mouthful.  Omg…this is almost erotic.  I need some mashed potatoes now.

3)  Let your cream and butter warm in the heated pot while the potatoes drain in the colander.  The gently heated ingredients will incorporate easier and meld flavors together.  This also helps keep them hot.  

4)  Whip those spuds with an electric mixer instead of just smashing them with the potato masher!  Makes for a beautiful creamy mountain of taters!  IMPORTANT: Do not over-mix!  Just a minute at the most or they will be gummy.

5)  And last but not least…you gotta use a whole lotta butta!!  Seriously, I’m talking a whole lotta lotta butta…Mmm…okay, that’s enough…wow. I didn’t say that much!  Geez…




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