His Pleasure, Your Power

He goes still.  Having quieted his breathing, he anticipates your next move.  With each heartbeat, he can feel the blood pulsate and make him harder.  But you have stopped and now wait patiently for the erotical, sexual frustration that comes with edging.  Sweat dripping from his face and chest, he is aching for you to continue. But he stays his words.  His aroused body needs you in ways only you can satisfy.  He won’t admit it, but he wants you desperately.  He will take, if you let him.  He will succumb and control you forcefully. He grabs for your head, to make you finish.  But, just in time, you quickly move out of his reach, look up at him seductively and smile.  And the tease is exhilarating, titillating, leaving you thirst for more.  Leaving you with such a need for more of this tantalizing arousal from a place of leverage.  Your seduction has just surpassed desire and is now full fixation and complete obsession.  You are at a point of power.

Well, we are women, are we not?  And women are powerful in many ways.  Ways that can pleasure a man, ensuring he will never forget you.  Ways that will have him shaking after an orgasm. Ways that will have him look at you in awe.  Ways that show him what he means to you. 

We have the ability to bring a strong and dominant man to a place of ecstasy and moans, of pleasure and yearning.  Is he deeply wavering upon that line of control?  Has he contemplated giving in to his greatest desires in a way that seems out of control?  Will he do things he has never done for you and to you?  This is the power of a woman who knows who she is.  That she knows is imperative.  She must know her power and she must know how to use it.  This is what true femininity will create.  It will bring him to a place that he can trust and give in.  This is our power, our strength, and our beauty.  To hold his need for you in the palm of your hand…wavering…teetering on the edge of giving and taking, of doing and then withholding…pleasing and then waiting…this is your power.  It is a gorgeous display of femininity at its finest.  

We have, if done correctly, much leverage and force in sexual sway.  To be his desire is to wield a power, a dangerous weapon, a submissive form of control.  Does this break submission or diminish his dominance?  Not at all.  This, my beautiful and sexy ladies, enhances his place of power.  For who is most powerful, if not he who has the power to allow and allot control as he sees fit?  The true dominant will have power over the most powerful.  To dominate the weak is easy; to dominate the strong will either be his greatest feat or his proof of mistaken identity.  

The degree to which we use this power will be different with each woman.  Some play very little with their charms.  Others flaunt this ability and use it.  I, myself, enjoy a power struggle and will always be a tease in need of some control.  To be his sexual craving, his lustfilled fantasy, his first and last thought of the day is to have a force over him that I revel in.  To be the taunt of his mind and the craved aim of his body is a need of mine to fulfill that ache to seduce.  I ache to seduce and be the desired, and when I am, above all, and hold his pleasure in my hand…this is my strength…this is my power.  And I know it.

Know who you are.  Know what you can do.  You have power to pleasure him.  Use it to tease and please.  Be his deepest desire and his greatest frustration, his most intense craving and his most prized obsession, his strongest prey and his most fulfilling attainment.    




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