Ode To Velvet Hattrick

Yes, ode to these nights.  Nights of blissful ecstasy filling each and every hole.  Dark and dirty, sensual and sexy, wet and wild.  These are the titillating nights of arousal that we, as nymphomaniacs, revel in.  Gone are those pansy evenings that pale in comparison.  Oh, to have experienced the raw and primal need of a fullness unsatisfied outside of the Velvet Hattrick.  Then to have tasted the sweat from its lustful and stormy passion on a dark and stimulating night of this sexual fantasy.  Those of us who have felt this sexual urge to those who have participated, recommend a rendezvous with your lover this evening.  For to please oneself is ultimately found in the pleasure of your lover and is to know true intimacy.  Without satisfying whom you have chosen, you cannot actually have a true relationship.  And their fantasies become your fantasies in a deeply passionate, soul meets soul collision.
It goes without saying that your man will deeply appreciate this from you, as a woman.  For his need to own and his primal urge to receive from you and take will both be satisfied in a night like these.  These are those that he will remember forever.  These nights you can give to him, surrender to him and be filled to the fullest in your own desire to be his completely.  

Velvet Hattrick is about ownership and dominance, surrender and trust.  It is about the desire to leave nothing untouched, nothing wasted, nothing virgin, and nothing left orphaned.  All is taken and all is filled; all is protected and all is held dear.  A yielding to entrust him with every part of you. With this comes a security, a knowledge that no longer is a part missing or unprotected.  Not to be diminished, this is a soulical act and if truly given by a woman, for to take should only be gifted by the giver, then both will be pleasured and both will be filled. 

A night to remember, this is la crème de la crème of erotica.
 For a woman, to offer all of yourself to your lover, holding nothing back, nothing is left and nothing is alone. All of who you are and all of what you can give, is laid at his feet in love.  And for a man, to take up all of what is yours, to receive her in a passionate act, to hold dear what she has given and never take for granted that which she has surrendered.

Yes, the alluring and racy Velvet Hattrick, the ultimately sexy, three-course penetration.  An ardent and fiercely erotic night where every hole is breathtakingly filled and intensely devoured.  Orally, vaginally, and anally.  La crème de la crème…c’est magnifique.




10 thoughts on “Ode To Velvet Hattrick

  1. Your digital musings on electron paper are what defines the difference between erotica that brings forth dark desires and sensual imagination and garden variety porn. I now assign Myself to perusing your other offerings to feel closer to you through the ether.


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