Coffee Mask Recipe~Results

Alrighty, so…that was definitely interesting.  First of all, that was pretty messy.  The “small glass of milk” not necessary.  You need more like a couple tablespoons, not a full glass, unless you’re thirsty.  Once you have the right consistency it goes on okay…but that shit is messy!   It drips and my bathroom sink looked like my BUNN went for a walk to the bathroom, for some reason, and  then exploded. I have to admit, I made mine with chocolate milk and it dripped into my mouth…not too shabby…so, I had that goin’ on. 

 Scrubbed it in and could feel the tingly sensation of it working…well I could only hope at that point.  Who knows what the hell the tingling was doing…truth be told, it made me a bit nervous.  Also, I used a good, local coffee; I cannot guarantee anything if you use that cheap dirt in a can…okay?  That’s just nasty.

I had to go and tease the children, obviously…anytime I do a beauty experiment gone wrong…I have to have a little fun with it.  I recommend this as a form of therapy.  Ends up with a lot of screaming and laughing at my face…which is great…😒

Fuck the twenty minutes…it was itchy!  So after about thirteen minutes I rinsed it all off and…actually, it was a good exfoliator.  My skin was soft, shiny, and very energized afterwards.  

Final summation: Messy, weird but cheap, great for last minute exfoliation, and wow…you’ll get some stuff done cause… caffeine boost.

Recommended?  If you need an exfoliator and have nothing else…not even a dead hedgehog…Jk..yes, if you are wanting a cheap, homemade mask…it’s great.

Till next time that I and my face are your fucking guinea pigs…




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