Nekkid Time

Don’t look at me like that. I know you’re hesitant sometimes (or all the time) to go au naturel, wearing only a smile, but just let me explain a few things and then you can decide if you want more and better sex, a healthy self-image, and a youthful glow OR stay with less sex, sucky sex and the opposite of a youthful glow in the morning (which would be an old pallor look that could rival someone’s dead grandmother, ladies) …ok?  I know what you do; I’m onto you.  You change in the bathroom and come out in some strange night ensemble as if there will be some catastrophic event and you need to be fully dressed.  No.  Stop that.  Your pajamas are ugly.  No man likes a woman in cartoon characters….ever.  So stop it.  He wants to see your body, not the paint-splattered old shirt with the hole in the ass shorts.  

So, what is all the fuss about?  He may want to see you naked more often but you don’t understand why or what he sees.  So, maybe your hangup is a self-conscious issue.  Honey, trust me; he loves your body and every perfect imperfection.  Men are more attracted to confidence, intelligence, and your desire for them than a media-manipulated, current societal body fad, picture perfect physique.  Ladies, he wants to see you.  I know that’s hard to believe because we all have those traits about us we see as flaws.  He doesn’t see them, nor should you. (Unless he’s an asshole, but then you shouldn’t be with him anyway.)  He desires times where you tease him and take it all off.  Please do not mistake your perception of your body as being truth.  Misunderstood and manipulated self-truth is not a base we should be using as a mirror to see ourselves.  Do take care of yourself, but then you have to know you are wanted and craved, coveted and yearned for.  Stop listening to your misgivings and all the negative resources and start listening to him.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you may not see what he sees…but it doesn’t diminish his perception of you.

There are many chances in a day to develop this into a daily habit.  Sleeping naked is the best way to start.  I’ve been sleeping naked for years and I enjoy it tremendously.  Sometimes the sexy silk teddy or a small T-shirt and thong is what I prefer.  However, my nightly usual is just naked.  There’s actually health benefits to sleeping naked.  It’s true!  According to experts on nudey science, there are several reasons to sleep naked.  For one, it allows your vagina to breathe…yes, she needs air, ladies. There are other ways to let her breathe, too…if ya know what I mean.;)
 Also, we need cooler temperatures to sleep well.  Being too warm at night can inhibit the release of the two main anti-aging hormones that aid in the youthful glow look we SHOULD have in the morning!  That’s right, hair and skin all glowy-like and beautiful all because you ditched the PJs.  The salt from sweating causes acne and also damages hair, leading to breakage. Better sleep also aids in weight loss and a better diet.  Oh, and is there really the need to discuss the benefit of more pleasurable and frequent sex??  He will be turned on by your new found confidence and sexy nakedness which definitely will make him feel the need to touch which increases oxytocin, the cuddle hormone.  Well, and we all know where cuddling leads to…;)

But why stop there?  I like to play a risky and teasing game of “how long can I walk around naked before I get shoved up against the wall and taken?” game.  (It’s a win-win, really, because that’s obviously what I wanted in the first place.)   Yes, ladies, even with children this can be done. (Omg, no, not in front of them!  I mean, when they’re out at Grandma’s! Geez, you wanna scar ’em for life?)  

If you feel awkward at first, start by slowly undressing while he’s in the bedroom at night or walking around in a bra and panties or cooking while wearing only a dangerously sexy apron (see: Every Girl Needs An Apron ).   Make a habit of putting on your make-up naked or walking around the room naked or, my favorite, ironing in just panties.  Whatever you choose, start today and begin a habit you and your man will love! I promise, you will start to feel what he sees and speaks about you.  The way he sees you and the words he uses to tell you, will steadily increase in volume and take the place of your negative self-image. You have to trust me.

Go find that birthday suit in the back of the closet and dust that sucker off.  Then put it on, don’t be shy, get out there and strut your stuff!  He’ll love it…;)😘
Just take it off, already!



4 thoughts on “Nekkid Time

    1. Very beautifully written, thank you. And I’m so glad you choose to see yourself as he sees you. That can be a journey and take time, but yes, it is well worth it. It takes trust and confidence in his love for you.

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