I Got The Moves Like Jagger

Do you know what it takes to impress a woman?  Confidence.  No, not the fake shit, but real, bonafide confidence.  This is a definite must in a man.  Can I stress this enough?  Never.  Sure, there are types of men that can cry and share their feelings while achieving a pity fuck, but that’ll be a one time, rare event.  She’s gotta be pretty wasted and feeling very sorry for you.  (That’s not from experience…I’d leave your ass so fast your head would spin.  That is, after I called you a pussy.) 

 Please don’t try to school me in the beauty of intimacy and the male sex coming into a momentous time of being in touch with their feelings.  Just don’t.  It’s not beautiful, it’s not glorious; it’s just really annoying.  I don’t care if you need to cry…do it alone or tell another male friend.  Do not cry and share your deepest, intimate feelings with a woman.  Unless you want to be her best friend and share BFF heart necklaces and weave friendship bracelets while singing Journey songs and painting her fucking toenails.  Yes, of course, I forgot the best part: Never getting laid.  Once in the friend zone, you are never getting out, dude.  Minus a major paradigm shift in her thinking and a divine intervention by way of your changing completely, you will be her cute and sad, little male friend.  

Don’t get me wrong.  You can be friends, while also being the man she is in love with and has sex with.  There is a difference in sharing desires, certain feelings, dreams, etc., versus sharing the most intimate, sad, fearful, anxious, and seemingly feminine feelings.  Share some things, but never everything that you are thinking and feeling.  Keep that shit to yourself.  

Women like a bit of mystery.  We like intrigue, adventure, confidence, and a bit of a challenge.  A give and take, push and pull, if you will.  This is why you must learn the ways of a woman, better yet, YOUR woman.  What makes her look at you with interest and questions?  How does she react when you don’t complain?  When you man up, take responsibility and only speak with confidence?  It’s not only the omission of these negative affirming habits, but the addition of your “mojo”.  The swagger all men must have to attain and retain a woman.  I warn you, though.  We can smell a fake a mile away.  

You must study the art of the peacock.

To strut pompously with an air of insolence, of almost nonchalance, is not to be underestimated.  No, sir, this is the male at his finest.  This artistic display of himself for the enrapturing of her attention, her mind, her heart, her body.  Though it may fail in the beginning at times, it will win the heart of a woman sooner or later.  If done with ease and confidence, sooner will be the case. 
Learn true confidence and don’t forget to dress the part of the male crackerjack.  For to ooze confidence from every part of you, is to capture her eye, thereby arousing her curiosity.  Now don’t fuck it up! 

 If you’ve been on your swag game well enough and piqued her interest then she will be watching for signs that point to your actually being a little bitch.  Her curiosity will compel her to search, test and try for any show of weakness that would, most assuredly, result in her having to wipe your ass.  So, guys, be confident and find your swagger; don’t just talk, walk it.

Alas, as I mentioned earlier, after obtaining her attention, your job is not done.  A man with swagger must be able to back it up and prove himself worthy.  This is the hard part.  Does your confidence have durability?  Will your willpower, tenacity, valor, and bravery remain constant?  Can you problem solve, think on your feet, and control the direction of your life?  Or will you buckle and need to cry on her shoulder?  Will she need to pick up where you bowed out and put down?

Confidence will prove itself when in the depths of adversity.  Find yours, because true self-confidence makes a man who he’s supposed to be for himself, for others, and for her.

You must get to the point where not only are your words captivating, but your actions, even more so.  For to watch a man in his life is to know if his words are real and trustworthy.  Stop acting emasculated and be a man.  

Get your ass out there and find your swagger like Jagger.




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