To Squirt Is To Breathe

Don’t even get me started on the stupidity that is so vastly available on this subject.  For starters, if you have never squirted, please refrain from speaking or writing on the subject…duh.  Wow, there’s even writers who advise to not allow your man to make you squirt due to having issues later with your bladder control.  (No, you won’t have bladder control issues if you do your kegels, like a good girl.)  For the love of sex, who gave these people a pen?!  
So, I will be speaking from an experienced position, as I squirt almost daily.  First of all, no, squirt is NOT urine.  We can trace it’s phenomenon all the way back to Roman times by a prominent physician named Galen, who wrote that it was, “a thin fluid that manifestly flows when they (women) experience the greatest pleasure in coitus.”  The Kama Sutra even mentions this female ejaculation.  All the way up until the 1980’s, most assumed it was, indeed, urine. Latest research has revealed that it is, in fact, almost IDENTICAL to male semen, minus the sperm.  If you have ever squirted or made a woman squirt, then you know the fluid that is secreted doesn’t smell, taste, or look like urine.  It does have urea and creatinine which are found in urine, however, in female ejaculation, these make up the lesser amount.  It is also proven to contain high levels of hormones in addition to many other components to debunk this myth of it’s identity.

How can we learn to enjoy this, “greatest act of coitus”?  It can be a bit of a journey.  So let’s discuss first the reason we, as women, should ALL be squirting.  After all, I did liken it to breathing.  I can say with complete and utter conviction that to squirt is to breathe.  I cannot imagine sex without it and I wouldn’t want to.  It has definitely become a necessity now, rather than an additional act.  Bottom line: I’m addicted.  If I go even one day without it, my demeanor changes.  If two or more days pass, you’ll want to back away slowly keeping an eye out for any sudden movement on my part.  I become the enemy to your happiness at that point, the black to your pearly white, the bursting to your optimistic bubble.  Don’t mess with me if I haven’t squirted…you will go down.

 I can squirt once, but this is not satisfying.  What I need is several times and have even squirted 30 times in one session.  The longer I go in-between sessions, the more this hormonally charged liquid seems to accumulate.  It can seem like ages, eons, light eternity…and it’s only been a couple days.  I have had it pour out and also, forcefully squirt out, hitting his chest and the wall behind him.  Many women say they release anywhere from a capful to a cup; I tend to release more the equivalent of up to several cups.  (Yes, invest in a mattress cover, several towels, or a whole bunch of sham-wows, as my husband would say.)   

During the Victorian era, women were known to have what they termed, “hysteria”.  This is what we now know, to be sexually frustrated.  Symptoms included (and still include): headaches, irritability, depression, confusion, insomnia, upset stomach, weepiness (hilarious, I will cry for no reason whatsoever…), muscle spasms, forgetfulness, lassitude, and palpitations of the heart.  Sound familiar, ladies??  I have a few symptoms to add…like, anger, frustration, moodiness…even the feeling of carrying extra weight.  I feel very centered if I squirt regularly, as if all is well with the world.  The after-effects differ from a clitoral orgasm or even a vaginal orgasm, in that, the result is the complete and utter satisfaction and fulfillment of a spent orgasmic session.  I feel as if I was emptied, if you will.  That the built-up frustrations have been completely drained from me and I can just be…without all the added life issues. 

I was led into squirting by my husband, who worked steadily to gain my trust in this area.  Believe it or not, trust is very important and is a major issue in learning to ejaculate to this degree.  For myself, it was a small journey that I didn’t know I would have to experience.  It was a series of feeling like I was needing to urinate and learning to let go and these were both obstacles for me to get over.  I had to learn the difference in the feeling of squirting vs. urinating.  This is about trusting who you’re with and following him.  He knew what it was, while I was nervous and self-conscious.  So, as I let go, I started to know and trust the difference.  

It was a struggle to be able to relax enough for this fluid to flow easily.  If you are not relaxed, this will take longer.  We want more times squirting, not more time needed to squirt once.  Got it?  This is his job, to help ready you and your body for the release.  There are a few things that work for me, personally.  Bubble baths, wine, sun, dinner out, a nice walk, a sexy massage by a hot masseuse…anything you know that will relax you.  (This is why women need pampered and treated like a princess…IF you want her to squirt…she needs to be free from anxiety and stress.) This is vital to the woman being free to release.  She must be able to let go and trust you.  

Remember, there are many orgasms, all of which differ tremendously.  To squirt from an anal orgasm is great, the G-spot is wonderful; I prefer to squirt from the deep spot or the G-spot and deep spot, alternately.  Although, all of these feel unique and amazing.  To orgasm from any of these places is obviously fabulous, but to squirt from the orgasm is adding 150% more to your already heightened experience.  Also, if I squirt while he is in me, it is amazing, yet different than the complete release of this built-up hormonal fluid, by itself.  So, if it’s been a couple days we will make sure to allow the full release via his fingers, first.  

Is this female ejaculation important?  Yes.  Is it important enough to warrant my title?  Yes, ladies, it is.  It has been termed: the greatest pleasure a woman can experience sexually.

So, get out there and squirt.  For you, for me, and for the rest of those that have to be around your hysteria stricken ass all day…



P.S. Always go potty first, for the peace of mind you need to be free to release completely. 😘


10 thoughts on “To Squirt Is To Breathe

  1. Hi there, sounds enticing – almost make me wish I could squirt.

    I’m curious how you would respond to what sexmd says about squirting – here’s a link:

    Great blog, following 4sure

    Here’s the relevant part of the article:

    True female ejaculation is a small amount of thick fluid secreted around the time of orgasm for most women. It originates in the glands found within the erectile tissue surrounding the urethra that are analogous to the prostate in men, and it even has PSA (prostate-specific antigen) in it. During the activity of sexual intercourse or stimulation, this female ejaculate can get mixed with vaginal fluids and lubrication as well as any semen or male pre-ejaculatory fluid that might be present in lovemaking. This makes it much more difficult to identify in a real-life situation.

    In the lab, however, it can be tested more carefully. Urine that gushes out during squirting passes through the urethra and can pick up some fluid secreted from the periurethral glands, which is why it often is found to have PSA. But that doesn’t mean it’s not urine. It has been confirmed both by chemical analysis and by ultrasound that the fluid that comes out during squirting is urine from the bladder. Female ejaculation doesn’t have any of the urea, creatinine, or uric acid found in urine. Check out this study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine

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    1. Thank you for your interest in this subject! I love being asked questions because we need to be discussing these things. As you know, this is a very controversial topic and is widely debated. My knowledge on this comes from first-hand experience and this is what you get when you read my post. I am not a scientist, however, most of those that are and attempt to speak to us concerning female ejaculation, have never squirted. That being said, I do respect their opinions and tests.
      Here is a link to what I deem to be true based on MY experience.

      Again, I do believe there will always be a bit of everything mixed in during the course of sex…if done right. 😉
      So, yes, some urine may be involved to a small degree, but I know, from all first-hand experience…that which comes from my body is in no way similar to urine, in any five senses.
      Also, a really great read:

      And, this post is about knowing whether your sensation is a need to urinate or you are going to have an orgasm. I had a real hurdle to get over on this…having to learn the difference in these sensations.
      I hope I have helped you and others with my opinion on this matter.
      Thank you again and I strongly encourage your own personal experience with squirting. 😘

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