Wine Untasted

What happens when the most exquisite of vintages goes untasted in its glass?  What occurs at the injustice of this fruit of the sweetest of vineyards remaining an unknown?  Where is there not folly in nectar so sweet being hidden, neglected and denied its entire purpose?  

All that is excellent is as difficult as it is rare.   -Benedict Spinoza 

Woman is a beautiful creature.  A description could maybe please the simplest of simpletons, but will never truly bring her due justice.  She moves heaven and earth if she so pleases.  This intoxicating hourglass, a jewel so obviously created by something only akin to otherworldly.  The enticing scent of this figure inhaled, will ensnare and consume.  With the promise of attaining her heart, she has catapulted countries into war and embalmed them in political peace; stayed the hand of violence or continued it’s insanity.  Her companionship has invoked such swelling pride in he who has earned this coveted title of her saviour. What of her words?  Or what of her body?  Her words entice and allure; they deeply move and change the hearts that they entwine. Her body alone captures its prey with the flutter of a lash, the soft curving of her back, or the innocent way the tendrils of hair lie upon her shoulders.  Force of awakening so intense, she provokes. An aura about her that sinks the truest and steadiest of vessels in its mysterious depths.  Power lies at her fingertips, yet man has no idea the raw strength of this power.  The depth of ignorance is heart-rending.  What man has not known nor has endeavored to know will ensure that forever hidden this lovely creature, in the clefts of the rock, will remain.  

This form of ethereal feminine beauty that when awakened becomes your elixir, is not easily attained.  It is, however, in every woman and aches to be hungrily sought after and awakened.  The anguish in hiding has by now subsided to a dull sorrow never evident in her countenance, for she has learned and learned well.  Who will ever hear the cry of her heart?  She can barely hear it now herself.

The sad tale is one of desire, one of passion, one of such beauty, all gone undiscovered.  Much like the highly complex, aromatically intense, elegant, and perfect lingering finish of a rare vintage…just left there…just unnoticed…as if its kind should go simply untasted and be so easily forgotten.  

There is such overwhelming neglect on the part of man to unearth this rarity.  Is it ignorance?  Is it indifference?  Is it a fallacy of inability?  We may have touched on one or all; yet we know he stands unmoving, as if she can enable herself to be drawn from this dark and lonely state.  By now, most of what she is, is not who she was meant to be, nor is it who she desires to be.  No, what she now masks and in its place projects, is in no way what she can be, for herself, for you, and for humanity.  For her volition must needs be awakened, encouraged, and drawn out by another.  

Will those men that boast courage and strength delve to search for this rare and costly vintage?  Will they show resilience on this narrow and difficult path; those that claim a right to walk this same path tread by those that have found her?  Will they insist when she hesitates?   When she questions and withdraws, will they endure?  When she retreats, will they persist in guidance with their gentle but firm hand? 

  We sink into a numbing acceptance by degrees of declension left unchecked.  We fail to notice days gone by, let alone months or years.  How long until we don’t even know what is missing?  How many more days will her true self remain locked in while someone else holds the key?  Her heart is hidden, and it waits…

Believe me, this will be the greatest and most difficult task you will assume.  However, once found, saved, and awakened she will become your addiction.  With pleasure and deep fulfillment, she will yield to your keeping.  With her words, her body, and her heart she will encapture you.  Her intensely passionate sexuality will stun you as she is revealed to be who you always needed and who you dreamed she would be.  She will be your everything and you will know you can not be without her.  You who endeavor to find her will never regret it.  

She is rare, she is costly, and she is worth it.




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