A Little Candlelight, A Little Dress, And A Little Chicken


Ahhhh! Remember those days? Frolicking on the beach…running…hands held tight…the sun beating down on your love. Yes, both of you adorned in snow white garments…fireworks splitting the night air when you kiss…cherubim and seraphim serenading the union of two hearts into one.

Yeah, okay, so maybe not. Seriously, what guy do you know that would be caught dead in something like that? Better yet, what woman do you know that would be caught dead with a guy that would wear something like that? What is it anyway? Is it a freakin’ jumpsuit? And do people really do that?…hold hands and frolic on the beach?! Okay…maybe I am jealous they got to frolic on the beach!…so what?

Anyway, my point is that maybe you don’t have the romance in your relationship that you used to have. And for all you men out there…(I won’t say you might be a redneck if!)…no, boys, romance has nothing to do with: 1) saving a bottle of your favorite beer just for her! 2) thanking her for getting the stains out of your favorite underwear! 3) taking her out on a date to Napa (And I don’t mean the valley!). 4) waiting for her birthday to come around to buy her that snazzy new microwave ya’ll needed. 5) Oh, and guys, putting the toilet seat down, taking the trash out, and carrying the groceries (ALL the groceries, no, don’t even let her carry the toilet paper)..these are not romantic…that shit is obligatory and not a romantic gesture.

So, this is what it looks like now? (Far cry from the frolickers!)

What is my solution, you ask? Well, a little candlelight, a little dress, and a little chicken. Granted, this will not solve all your problems, but it’s a step in the right direction!

Girls, girls, girls! You can’t expect him to understand what you need all the time. (Or like ever!) So, let’s romance him a bit with a candlelight dinner. If you have children then find a babysitter and break out the china. (No, not the Chinet brand paper plates..the china.) Find a tablecloth and a couple of candles for the table. Don’t forget a small centerpiece for the center of your table. Now, break out the Marvin Gaye and “get it on!”. (Not too loud…this ain’t a bar.) Find that tiny tight dress that makes him go wild. If you’re like me…I would get dressed before making the chicken and just throw on an apron…although sometimes I end up smelling like meat…which he’s told me is sexy…???…that’s a whole different subject! But if you are accident prone-do all your makeup and hair, then throw on your dress at the last minute before he gets home.

Okay, tighten up those apron strings and let’s get cookin’! Introducing my awesome recipe of Chicken Breasts with Mushroom Sage Sauce!

(This is 4 servings, because if your husband is anything like mine, he’ll eat the 3 servings to your 1! Love a man that can eat!!)

3 tbsp butter

1/2 cup shallots, chopped

8-10 oz shittake or cremini mushrooms, sliced

1 tsp fresh parsley

1 cup dry white wine (Make sure you get one you like. I suggest Sauvignon Blanc. I love cooking with wine…sometimes I actually have some left to put in my food, but this is rare so I would definitely buy two bottles. One for yourself, my chickie, and one for the actual recipe!)

2/3 cup heavy whipping cream

3 tbsp chopped sage…(I have an herb garden right in my kitchen window…which I highly suggest. So easily accessible.)

1 tbsp olive oil

1 1/2 lbs skinless, boneless chicken breasts-pounded to 1/3 or 1/4 inch. (The pounding is a great stress reliever so pound away babe!)

Melt butter on med-high in skillet-add shallots, cook 1 min. Add mushrooms and parsley-saute 5-10 min. Deglaze with the cup of wine. (Whatever’s left anyway! Did you drink most of it?! Good for you! He’s definitely gettin’ lucky tonight then! I know that’s what happens when I drink red wine…or margaritas or cranberry vodkas or whiskey sours…any type of alcoholic beverage I consume actually will make my clothes come off….)

Stir in cream. Bring to boil. Cook down 10 min till the sauce coats the back of your spoon. (Yes, go ahead and lick the back of the spoon…)

While reducing the sauce, in oil-saute chicken in a different pan-cook 3 min each side or until done. Stir sage into sauce. Taste it, always. Pour over chicken. Taste it again…just for fun…yes, this is how I have those extra poundages. But only an expert chef will continuously taste their dish…so this is actually professional advice!😜

Serve with mashed potatoes and green beans or bowtie pasta and a salad… depending, of course, on what type of dude he is…. completely separate blog post….anyhoo….

Just think, this could be you tonight.




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