Every Girl Needs An Apron.

Red or pink, long or short, modern or vintage, (Go for the short, red, vintage.  I like polka dots, ruffles, and bows on mine.) every girl needs an apron. There’s just no arguing this point. Ask any man (Notice I said man…mm-hmm.) and he will tell you they are sexy.

There’s just something about a woman in an apron. Sure, maybe it feeds their need for a hot french maid sort of look (I AM french, you know💋….well partially anyway.  Everyone is a little Irish.  Boy, they sure “got around”…if ya know what I mean. Right, my Irish hubs?).  Maybe it is because you are cooking at the time, which we all know hits at the heart of every man.  I think males like it because there is an obvious submission look to it. I say “look” because I think I’ve knocked him on his bald head more while wearing an apron than I ever have while not wearing an apron…which could be construed as slightly unsubmissive. (Don’t look at me that way!  He deserved it!)  So, while there is a submissive look outwardly, there is definitely still quite a bit of naughtiness inwardly.  (Yes, I can be a tad feisty.  Just keepin’ it real, folks.)

That is neither here, nor there. What is here and there…is that aprons are cute. They are old-school retro from what many term: the greatest generation. They compliment your shape and make any outfit sexier. Plus, they make you feel like baking a pie. Yes, ladies, you actually have to go and bake the pie or you’re just gonna look cute. There’s nothing wrong with looking cute, but if you look cute AND you made a pie…win-win.  If you are inexperienced at pie making, toss a comment my way and I’ll help you out.  (You could always go buy one and pretend you made it….I’m guessing that wouldn’t go over as well.  You could just plan it perfectly and be removing it from the oven at just the right time…while bending over, of course;).)

It is, most assuredly, due course of being a retrosexual woman. It is about finding who we are as women again. You know, back when men were men and women were women.

(Okay, is that not absolutely darling?!)

So, go out and buy an apron. You will thank me and he will really thank me.

My Tip: Try wearing only the apron….Seriously, you want ravished like a T-bone in front of a starving man?  Then, send the young’uns away for the evening and cook him a romantic dinner with nothing on but an apron.  You may never finish it…but there’s always Chinese takeout.


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